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What we do

Republic Valuations has established a track record of success by providing the highest quality appraisals for a variety of purposes. Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle. We offer accurate and objective valuations for trusts, taxes, estate planning, acquisitions and more. Our team of qualified and certified appraisers draw on highly specialized knowledge, impeccable skills and extensive experiences in order to produce unbiased appraisals in a timely manner. Let us know how we may be of service to you.

​We do appraisals for all types of purposes, such as:

  • Pre Listing/ Selling 

  • Line of credit

  • Loan Modifications

  • Fair Market Value

  • Rental Analysis

  • Appraisal Review

  • Tax Grievance, Gift Tax, Trusts, Probate & Estates 

  • Matrimonial Disputes

  • Bankruptcy

  • Leasehold

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Partial Interest Valuations

  • Eminent Domain

  • Easements

We have experience in appraising the following types of properties:

  • Development Sites

  • Multi Family Buildings

  • Hotels

  • Land 

  • Storage Buildings

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Mixed Use Properties

  • Community Facility

  • Hotels

  • Single Family Properties

  • Retail Spaces

  • Residential Condos

  • Coop Builings

  • Coop units

  • and much more!

Who We Serve

Our roster of clients include major bridge lenders, hedge funds, private lenders, conventional banks, private investors, attorneys, estate acccountants, community board leaders, government agencies, local courts, and any individual who demands quality work and ultimate service. Our appraisals are accepted by any authority - Guaranteed!

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