"Price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get"                                                              ...Warren Buffet


Customer Reviews

Mark Lucianno

It was a real pleasure working with the professional staff at Republic Valuations; they were flexible with their scheduling and accomodated to my tight schedule. They truly stand as a testimony to what outstanding service and knowledge is in our industry. These guys are amazing! Reach out to them; you'll be well off!

Samuel J. Smith

Fair appraisers get true market values. The experience we had ( and look forward to continue having) at Republic Valuations  is unbeatable! We called them up to help settle  our parents' estate. Before we had a chance to explain what we need they knew exactly what is needed. They provided me with a certified retrospective appraisal dated at the date of passing and were very professional throughout the whole process. We wish you all to have the same great  experience  we were fortunate to have!

Annie Meyer

Wow, what customer service! This is the appraisal company to be used by everyone in need of valuation services! Republic Valuations is  superior in the field - they were the solution to all my needs so far..

Josh Rotter

These guys are  on the mark when it comes to value. They have the knowledge and adept skill to assess any property type. Trust me, I have challenged them  more than once; their accuracy is unparalleled.  My experience with Republic Valuations is proof to their great work!

They assisted me throughout my court proceeding with their expert litigation services. Everyone in the room (including the  judge) was appalled!

Jason J. Atamian, Quanta Finance, LLC

Simply put, Republic Valuations is the most efficient and most professional appraisal company in NYC. As a nationwide private lender, we rely on Republic Valuations' expertise in order to ensure we are making sound decisions in New York and surrounding markets. We will be utilizing Republic Valuations' resources for a long time to come!

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